NCAA rules to bring down to NFHS games?


Last Thursday before the Marymount scrimmage Mike Kleeblatt went over some of the new NCAA rule changes/points of emphasis. Which of these, if any, does WALOA want us to enforce during NFHS games? The ones I had in mind are cursing, cross check, and speeding up the game. Mike told us that the NCAA wants cursing, even if only the ref and player heard it, enforced with a USC. I understand we will still give NFHS goalies 5 seconds to get back into the crease, but otherwise are we trying to match NCAA with speeding things up? (ex: shot on the end line, possession awarded to defense. The middies run away from the ball to do a line change instead of picking it up and going.) Finally will we be enforcing the cross check like the NCAA now? Are there any other points of emphasis that we are bringing in?