When is a crosse illegal?


I would like to suggest to NFHS that they be more specific with respect to illegal crosses. In the 2013 rule book there are 3 crosses that are not illegal, but can't be used!? (1)-a hollow shaft crosse without an end cap (2)-hanging strings >2 inches (3)-a crosse shaft with more than 3.5 inch circumference of tape more than 3 inches up shaft from butt end.

Why not just rule these are illegal sticks, & if brought into game it's a 1 min NR penalty, same as deep pocket?

And why doesn't the coach's certification, "Yes, Mr. Official, all my players are legally equipped by rule" create the liability for him? Seems to me, if he so certifies, & we catch one of the three sticks above, his player sits.

And how to administer? With ball behind goal & attack ready to feed cutting middie official notices no end cap on crosse of offensive middie not immediately in play; whistle, kill scoring opportunity, send middie off to exchange crosse, fix, or sub out of game, restart with offense in possession same relative position on field? (Offense was penalized for "not illegal" stick by having play stopped). Same scenario, now it's defensive short stick middie without end cap or long strings. Now a whistle disadvantages the offense. In both cases, wait for next dead ball to instruct player to fix his stick?

Seems it would be much simpler if all three crosses were just designated as illegal to start with. How do others plan to administer the rulings if these sticks are noticed during live balls?

Suppose the player is NOT penalized, but the coach gets a 1 min NR USC & possession to the opponent for certifying to officials all his players were legally equipped by rule when, in fact, one or more were playing with a "not illegal, but not legal either" stick? Betcha he'd make sure all sticks were capped, all strings cut to 2", & no donuts exceeded 3.5"!