New Officials

Registration is now open for new officials for the 2021 season. Interested individuals who have not already done so should submit an Interest form

In light of restrictions related to the pandemic, WALOA will not conduct in-person classroom training for new Level 1 officials prior to the 2021 season. Prospective officials will instead be required to complete the requisite new official's virtual courses offered by US Lacrosse during and after Laxcon 21. Complete details can be found on the Training page.

Information and steps for applicants to become NEW officials

  1. All applicants must be members of US Lacrosse.

  2. To become an official for the 2021 season applicants should register for Laxcon ( and complete the Level 1 boys officiating curriculum (listed below) during Laxcon OR complete the courses individually online, after the conclusion of Laxcon. All courses must be complete by February 26th. For the upcoming season, these US Lacrosse/Laxcon courses will replace the in-person WALOA conducted classroom sessions held in previous years.

Friday, January 15th

Becoming a Boys Lacrosse Official                4:00-4:45

Play of the Game                                        6:30-7:15

Saturday, January 16th

The Basics, Technical Fouls                          9:00-9:45

The Basics, Personal Fouls                           10:00-10:45

Youth Rules Interpretation                           11:00-11:45

NFHS Rules Interpretation                           12:00-12:45

Two-Person Positioning                                1:00-1:45 

  1. Pass US Lacrosse 2021 Boys Youth/High School Rules Exam.

  2. Prospective officials who successfully complete Steps 1-3 will be invited to participate in a day-long, in-person training session. Prior to attending, new officials will be provided the necessary information to create an Arbiter (assigning system) account and to purchase the required uniform and equipment items.

  3. After completion of the training day, new officials will be eligible for assignments during the 2021 season. Every new official will be paired with a mentor who will be available to answer questions, observe games, and work with on the field during the season.

 If you have any questions please contact Gary Crouse, WALOA Training Chair, at